About Rebekah

Originally from Wyoming, I've lived throughout the US, and I am now an assistant professor of political science at Leiden University in the Netherlands. My research combines interests in political communication, especially via social media; Muslims and politics; research methodologies, including computational methods; and research ethics. I have conducted fieldwork in Western Europe and former Soviet Central Asia.

I teach undergraduate- and graduate-level courses on media and politics, research methods, and professional and academic skill development. I also supervise several PhD students. I am deeply committed to improving my students' learning outcomes and have been appointed to the Leiden Teachers Academy in recognition of my various classroom innovation initiatives.

I am also founder and co-director of the Data in Democracy Summer School, which seeks to support the #ResponsibleData and #ResponsibleTech movements by sharing insights from the social sciences into the forms, functions, and impacts of data in democratic societies.

My personal hobbies include reading, cycling, hiking, camping, and travel. Though I now live below sea level, I'm a mountain girl, born and bred. If there's a mountain trail nearby, you'll find me there.

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